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How to Draw A Pit Bull Easily

by vahade
Draw A Pitbull

How to Draw A Pit Bull. The pit bull is one of the toughest and most powerful dog breeds you can find. Because of this, they have earned a reputation for being vicious and dangerous.

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While their strength makes them powerful, it’s a reputation that only sometimes lives up to what pit bulls are like when properly trained.

Many people see the bright side of these wonderful dogs and want to know how to draw a pit bull to show their love for this amazing breed.

You’ll be drawing one of these mighty canines in no time with this step-by-step How to Draw a Pitbull Guide!

How to Draw A Pit Bull

Step 1

In this first step of our guide to drawing a pit bull, you’ll start with the top of the head and the ears.

The top of the head is created with a curved line, and then the ears hang down the sides of the head with sharp points, as seen in the reference image.

You can also add curved lines next to the ears at the start of the sides of the Pitbull’s face.

Step 2

Building on what you drew in the previous step, this step allows you to complete the outline of your Pitbull’s head.

First, use a curved line extending from the insides of the face you’re drawing to create cheekbones for your pit bull.

Next, use a few more curved lines to create your pit bull’s thick muzzle, then finish with the bottom of the mouth underneath.

Step 3

Pit bulls have short but very stocky bodies, and we will start drawing them in this step our direction on how to tense a pit bull.

Now we draw the shoulder and leg on the left side of the drawing. The leg becomes quite thick and squat; you can add three short toes at the end.

Once the leg is drawn, you can use a curved line for the Pitbull’s chest as it appears in the reference image.

Step 4

You’ve drawn a leg for your Pitbull drawing, so now you can add another one in this step. This leg goes to the other end of the chest you drew in the previous step.

It looks very similar to the other leg you drew but is a mirror image of it.

Finally, you can pull the pit bull’s back off its head and then attach a short tail.

Step 5

In this tutorial on how to draw a pit bull, all you have to do is add two legs, so let’s add them now! These are the hind legs; they look a lot smaller because they are further apart.

They will also be much closer together than the front legs and connect to the line for the back and abdomen, as shown in the reference image.

Step 6

This step of drawing your Pitbull is easy! All you have to do is draw a nice big nose in the middle of the snout.

Once the nose is drawn, you can add points for the mustache on either side. The final part of this step is to add some small sharp teeth to the mouth,

Step 7

We will complete some final details before moving on to the final step of this guide on how to draw a pit bull. The main thing to add is the eyes, which will be quite small and widely spaced.

Luckily, their small size and simplicity make them easier to draw! Once the eyes are drawn, just a few details remain to be added.

You can draw some lines down from the eyes to add some facial detail, then draw some curved lines above the eyes. Finally, draw more straight lines across the forehead to complete the Pitbull drawing.

These are the last details we added, but make sure to add any more you’d like!

You could draw a cute background to complete this picture.

Step 8

Now you can have fun while coloring your own cool pit bull drawing! We used a light brown color scheme for our image, and while this is an approach you can take, feel free to use any color you like.

Your Pit Bull Drawing is Finished!

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