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Filing Small Claims: Why You Should Avoid It?

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Filing Small Claims: Why You Should Avoid It?

When you buy car insurance online, it provides essential protection against financial losses that arise from accidents or damages. Small claims in insurance are minor events or losses covered up to a set financial limit, which varies by insurer and policy terms. Indian car insurance typically involves relatively low-cost repairs or damages, usually less than Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000, depending on the company.

Typical Small Claims Categories That Car Insurance Covers:

  • Small-speed collisions that cause minor dents, scratches, or bumper damage are called “fender benders.”
  • Windscreen damage brought on by rocks, debris or other road hazards: cracked or broken.
  • Stolen goods like luggage, purses, or electronics are taken from the car.
  • Damage brought on by intentional vandalism, such as critical scratches or graffiti.
  • Low-impact incidents that do not cause substantial physical harm.
  • Replacement of lost or stolen car keys is covered by crucial replacement insurance. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

Things To Take Into Account When Deciding Whether A Claim Is Small:

Repair Costs: Estimate the cost of any necessary replacements or repairs. It might be regarded as a small claim if it is within the insurance policy’s small claims threshold.

Conditions And Terms Of Policy: Examine your car insurance policy to learn about the exclusions and coverage limitations for various claim kinds.

Deductible Amount: Examine your policy’s deductible about the cost of repairs. It’s a minor claim if the repairs come out to be less than or roughly equal to the deductible.

Insurer’s Guidelines: Speak with your insurance company to determine how they precisely classify small claims.

No-Claim Bonus: Consider how a minor claim may affect your total no-claim bonus and any prospective future premium savings.

Drawbacks Of Small Claims Filing:

  1. Possible Rise In Insurance Rates: One downside of minor car insurance claims is the potential for higher rates. Even for minor damages, frequent claims can be viewed as an increased risk by insurers, leading to higher premiums upon policy renewal. You can use a Bajaj Allianz car insurance premium calculator to check the costs of your premium.
  2. Long-Term Effects On Future Premiums And Insurability: Frequent small claims can impact future insurance eligibility and rates. Insurers consider your claims history, and if you file many claims, it may be challenging to secure favourable rates or coverage with other companies.
  3. Loss Of Claim-Free Concessions And No Claim Bonus: Making minor claims may result in the forfeiture of any benefits or concessions you have accrued. Usually, policyholders who have kept a claims-free record for a predetermined time may be eligible for these concessions. Lower cost savings and higher premiums may follow from losing these concessions. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.
  4. Deductible And Affordability: Consider your policy’s deductible before making a minor claim. If repair costs are close to or less than the deductible, paying for minor damages yourself may be more economical.
  5. Long-Term Effects: The history of your insurance and your premiums may be affected in the long run by filing minor claims. Considering the cumulative effect of several claims and any potential impacts on your future costs and coverage is critical.

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